Hi, I’m Jamil Ahmed

26 year old front-end developer, project manager and WordPress consultant with over 7 years of professional experience. I love to work with WordPress CMS and Genesis framework to make websites that are beautiful, fast, secure and optimized for search engines. I met WordPress in one rainy day of 2008, but vivid, warm sunshine has been glowing on my lawn ever since. This site is only part of what I do. I always up to-date with latest technology and try to learn new tools. I am passionate about creating modern and user friendly websites that help businesses attract more customers and increase sales. Having knowledge in computer software’s, web Development, Blogging, E-marketing techniques, social media Advertising, Research and Analysis, Project Management, Forums, Human Resource Information System (HRIS) and Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Also Co-founder at Prepared Development and Software Engineer at Build.to

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